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Frequently Asked Questions

Mercer Frequently Asked Questions


What electives are provided for 6th grade students?

  • Semester Long Intro to World Language World Culture Theatre STEM Technology Art PE (Required)
  • Year Long Choir Band Orchestra

Can a student in the immersion program take a yearlong elective, like Choir?

Yes! They will qualify for a PE waiver and will need to meet those requirements outside of the school day.

What if my student doesn’t like their elective? Can they change next year?

Students have a window during the first two weeks of the semester to request a schedule change. We try to support elective change requests as space and schedules permit. We do ask that students request the schedule change – this is a chance for them to practice self-advocacy skills.

Is Algebra available to 8th graders?


Could you tell us about HCC/advanced learning opportunities at Mercer?

At Mercer, we believe all students are highly capable. We incorporate rigorous learning opportunities for all students in our mixed-ability classes. For students who are coded as HCC, there are some additional math pathways in 7th and 8th grade.

Where are the course selection sheets?

If your student attends Beacon Hill Elementary, Dearborn Park Elementary or Maple Elementary, they received the course selection sheet in their classroom. Many of them have already submitted their requests, which is amazing. If your student doesn’t attend one of those schools or lost their form, they can access it on our website.

How will you place 6th graders in math if they’ve already taken 6th grade math?

If a student has already completed 6th grade math, we will work with the student and their family individually to find the appropriate placement. We follow the district math progress for all students.

Where do we get the PE waiver form for students meeting the requirement outside of school and when is it due?

If your student’s schedule qualifies them for a PE waiver, our registrar will reach out with the form. You do not need to request a PE waiver.

My student doesn’t go to an elementary that feeds into Mercer. How can they choose their electives?

They should complete the Course Selection Form and send their requests to Virginia Andrews at

My student is coming in as an 7th or 8th grader. How can they choose their electives?

They should complete the Course Selection Form and send their requests to Virginia Andrews at

First Day of School

What is the first day of school looks like for all the 6th graders?

The whole first week of school is all about helping students find their way around and learn how to do middle school. We distribute schedules, take tours, learn about the bell schedule and get to know the routines of Mercer.

When or what date will the school 2022-23 begin?

The first day of school will be Wednesday, September 7.

504s and IEPs

Do you service Access students?

Yes! We serve students in Access, Distinct, Focused, Resources and SEL IEP programs.

Do you support students with a 504 plan?

Yes! Feel free to reach out to Virginia Andrews at if you have questions about a 504 plan.

School Supplies

Do we have to buy all the school supplies?

Many classroom teachers have extra composition books and pencils. If your family needs help accessing school supplies, please reach out to our Student & Family Advocate, Tonja Davis. Additionally, she can support with family needs and resources.

What do the students need at the beginning of the school year?

The school supply list will come out in August, but be prepared with loads of writing utensils! They always seem to get lost.

Temporary Campus

Is the school going to be moving locations?

Yes, we are moving to a temporary location for the 2023-24 and 2024-25 school years.


What is the school bus schedule?

The district is working on the transportation schedule for next school year.

Can we get bus passes through the school?

Yes. If your student needs an Orca Card to get to and from school, please reach out to our Office Assistant Latria White at