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Who’s the appropriate contact person at Mercer?

In middle school, the process for knowing whom to contact can be complicated. Don’t worry, regardless of whom you contact initially, you will get to the appropriate person. Here are steps that students and families can take for questions or concerns.

1600 S. Columbian Way
Seattle, WA 98108

Main Office Phone: 206-252-8000
Fax: 206-252-8001


Report a student absence: 206-252-8006


Classroom based questions about teaching and learning

Counseling Team Member

Academic, social, and emotional support

6th Grade:
Virginia Andrews 206-252-8014

7th Grade:
Angela Austin-Chappelle 206-252-8015

8th Grade:
Theresa Lucrisia Bradley 206-252-8042

Truancy Specialist:
Charlotte Watson King 206-252-8162

Family Advocate:
Tonja Davis 206-252-8020

Cross grade level counselor/504 Coordinator:
Virginia Andrews 206-252-8012

Instructional Leadership and Services

  • ELL (English Language Learning): John Mitchell 206-252-8017
  • Library: Sue Monroe 206-252-8022
  • Special Education: Virginia Andrews 206-252-8014
  • Athletics: Janet Bautista 206-252-8028

Administrative Team Members

Student guidance, discipline, program and instructional support

  • 6th Grade: Lupe Duran 206-252-8013
  • 7th Grade: Bernadette Dickson 206-252-8068
  • 8th Grade: Cliff Brown 206-252-8163
  • Literacy Administrator: Brigid Addanki 206-252-8021
  • OST Program Manager: Jewels Jugum 206-252-8056

Principal and Main Office

Sherrie Encarnacion, Principal

  • Main Office: 206-252-8000                 
  • Asst. Secretary & Transportation: Latria White 206-252-8002
  • Attendance Secretary: Tracy Kolner 206-252-8004
  • Registrar: Rosa Nouch 206-252-8010

After School Activities

Seattle Parks Department Community Learning Center. Coordination of our after school programs.

  • Jewels Jugum 206-252-8056

Bilingual Services

  • Chinese: Peony Chung 206-252-8008
  • Spanish: Philip Ssebuliba & Maria Parker 206-252-8066
  • Somali: Abdi Hussein 206-252-8066
  • Tagalog: Celeste Bunnell 206-252-8008
  • Vietnamese: Ann Pham 206-252-8008
  • Tigrinya: Getachew Yihdego 206-252-8008


All School based health care and medical needs

School Based Health Clinic (SBHC)

Students and families must be registered through Neighbor Care in order to access services.  For more information, please contact the eligibility specialist.

  • Office Coordinator: Siri Clocksin 206-762-2394
  • Counselor: Katie Kapuz                 
  • Nurse Practitioner: Chelsea Allin
  • Sound Mental Health (SMH) Care Coor: Katrina Herzog 206-252-8072
  • Mercer Health Center page

Sound Mental Health provides three levels of service:

  1. Consultation and crisis support
  2. Screening assessment, & referrals to other mental health care Providers
  3. Comprehensive care management and wraparound services