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Welcome to Fall 2021

Greetings Mercer International Middle School Families!

It is with abundance and gratitude, pride and humility, joy and certainty that I transition from Mercer’s assistant principal for over 10 years, to principal. I have made southeast Seattle my school home for over half of my last 24 years in education and I am excited to celebrate the start of my silver year as your Principal.

I have chosen to serve the students and families in southeast Seattle for over half my career because I believe specifically in ensuring that students and families of color have access to excellent educational opportunities and healthcare services that nurture the whole person. Our students’ neighborhoods are some of the most diverse places in our country and it is here where I find comfort and safety being in community with folx that look like me, have common values steeped in cultural traditions, and a place where many family stories of migration are like my own. I am looking forward to getting to know your family this year!

Please take the time to read through these logistics to start off our year safely. Thank you!

School Start and End Times

Our first day of school is this Wednesday, September 1 from 8:55AM-3:45PM; it is NOT an early release day.
Safety Procedures

Health Safety

As you are preparing your student for this school year, we are working tirelessly to ensure your child and our staff is safe at school. We are committed to follow every COVID-19 District Policy to minimize the spread of COVID-19. In doing so, we are asking you to partner with us by going over the protocols shared below.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Safety Procedures

  • Please be sure that your student packs a few masks for school. They will need to be wearing their mask as they enter campus.
  • Students should plan on arriving to school no earlier than 8:30AM. There is no supervision before then and doors will open at 8:30AM for breakfast in the cafeteria.
  • Student drop-off/pick-up is at the front of the school entrance. Traffic congestion is horrible in this area, so I recommend parking by Jefferson Park or the VA and walking to our field area. 16th and Nevada is a designated bus drop off and pick up. Parking north of this intersection is the safest place for kids and cars.
  • For the safety of all our students and staff and in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines, students are the only ones allowed on campus. Please give your student a hug before you reach the blacktop, portables, gates, flagpole. Caretakers, parents, and visitors are not allowed beyond these points.
  • Students arriving by public or school bus should make their your way to the blacktop. We will have staff available to assist and guide students.
  • Please make a plan to meet your student in the parking lot or off campus for end of day pick up.

Schedules and Schedule Distribution

Check The Source after 2:30PM on Tuesday for your student’s schedule.

  • Students can pick up a map and their schedule from the tables near the parking lot.
  • Schedules will be distributed alphabetically by last name.
  • Students will pass through the balloon arch and head to the field and line up with their first period teacher.
  • Teachers will be holding up a sign with their name.
  • 1st Period teachers will escort students to their 1st period class. This is a first day procedure only.

Hallway and Physical Distancing Procedures

  • Maintaining appropriate physical distancing are practiced to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 in shared areas, including building entry and exit.
  • There are directional signs throughout the buildings and portables. Our staff will review and practice navigating around campus with students.
  • To the extent possible, six feet of space should be maintained when students walk in the halls.
  • Classrooms are set-up to maintain a space of 3 feet as much as possible.
  • Desks/tables will face the same way when possible.

Meal Procedures

  • Breakfast and lunch will be free for all students. The structure of lunch looks different at each school to follow health and safety protocols.
  • Students will be assigned to one of two locations to each lunch – Cafeteria or Auditorium. Students who choose to eat outside will have a designated area with limited seating.
  • Each location is set up to support maximum physical distancing as much as possible.
  • Breakfast will be served from 8:30-8:50 AM.
  • Students eat lunch with their grade level peers.
  • All meals are Grab and Go. Students may bring their own lunch to school.

Face Covering/Masks

Students, staff and building volunteers, partners or scheduled guests must wear a cloth face covering or an acceptable alternative at school and work locations.

Face coverings may be removed briefly only when eating or drinking.

First Week Supplies

As you are still gathering supplies, you will only need your backpack (should be large enough to carry your laptop) and small folder for the first week.

Students should return all technology (laptops, cords, hotspots, books) to Mercer. Carts will be set up in main foyer for easy return.

Second Week Supplies

  • Pencils with erasers (may use mechanical or wooden pencils, preferably #2 pencils)
  • Eraser
  • Pens (blue or black ink)
  • Composition books (3 -4)
  • College ruled notebook paper (150 sheets or more)
  • 3 ring binder (1½ inches or larger; zipper binder with shoulder strap recommended)
  • Subject dividers (to put in the binder)
  • Pocket folder to hold homework assignments

Laptop Distribution

  • 6th grade: September 8
  • 7th and 8th grades: September 7

Key contact information:

Welcome again to a new school year. We are so excited to see our students back at school! Thank you for working with us to support the well-being and safety of every student, family, and staff.

In partnership,
Sherrie Encarnacion, Principal
Brigid Addanki, Literacy Assistant Principal
Cliff Brown, House Administrator
Bernadette Dixon, Assistant Principal
Lupe Duran, Assistant Principal