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Meet our Student Family Advocate

Meet our Student Family Advocate, Tonja Davis

Tonja Davis
Tonja Davis, Student Family Advocate

We are fortunate to live in this beautiful city which is teaming with opportunity, however, though we are an attractive haven which has prompted many to relocate to our city, it has created a challenge for many of our families who are struggling to raise children and thrive amidst the rapid growth.

As an advocate for students and families, I act as a link between home and school and community in providing service and interventions which identify and eliminate barriers to students’ academic achievement and their healthy social emotional development.

In my role I often have access to resources which connect families in transition or temporary hardship in support of housing costs, food, clothing and other barriers to student achievement.

If you are currently in need of support and/or referrals to resources related to housing instability, food insecurity, behavioral health or other needs

Please contact me at 206-252-8020 or