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    Information for incoming 6th graders
    Posted on 04/26/2018

    April 25, 2018


    Dear New Asa Mercer International Families and Students,

    We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Asa Mercer International Middle School. We are excited that you will be joining us for the 2018-19 school year!


    In addition to welcoming you as a new Mustang we want to take a moment to acknowledge the many transitions that will occur as your student moves from elementary to middle school. Transitions include going to school with many more students and meeting new classmates. Students will have more classes and teachers, and students will experience both the physical and emotional changes that occur during the middle school years. We are excited and looking forward to helping your student with these transitions. Yet, let’s take one step at a time.


    We want to accomplish two things in this initial letter:

    1. Welcome you to Mercer
    2. Provide you this Course Selection form


    We are mailing you a Course Selection Form. Please return this form to your elementary school office or send to Asa Mercer International Middle School before May 25th. Please visit our website if you need another course form. You can also mail or email your form to our registrar, Rosa Nouch:


    Highlights of the Course Selection Form for Grade 6

    •    Mercer students have a 7-period day, with 5 of the 7 periods consisting of year-long core classes that all students take. These 5 core classes are (1 & 2) Reading & Writing 2 period block, (3) Math, (4) Science, and (5) Social Studies. No need to select these courses, we take care of this for you.
    • The remaining 2 periods consist of elective courses and a semester PE requirement. Some students may be required to take an additional Math Enrichment or Reading Enrichment class as one of the electives. We will determine this when we review your student’s academic data.  



    Sample Semester 1 Schedule

    Sample Semester 2 Schedule



    Reading & Writing Block

    Reading &

    Writing Block








    Social Studies

    Social Studies


    Elective 1

    (Example Year-long Band)

    Elective 1

    (Example Year-long Band)


    Elective 2

    (Example Art)


    Elective Choices | Year-long & Semester-long

    Year-long elective to choose from includes music.


    (Selecting a music results in choosing 2 of 4 semester electives below in addition to PE. No Year-long music selection results in choosing 3 of 4 semester long electives in addition to PE).


    ÿ     Music (year-long Band OR Orchestra)


    Semester long elective: All students will take 1 semester of PE in addition to elective options. (Students are asked to rank order their preferences #1 (preferred choice) - #4 (last choice).


    •       Art Exploration: A visual arts class. No previous art experience is needed for this class.
    •       Global Issues: Students will learn about global themes and issues along with ways our young people can make an impact. 
    •      Technology: A computer technology class that ranges from basic functions of Windows operating systems to simple computer coding.
    •      World Language & Culture Exploration:  This is an introductory course for Spanish speaking and Chinese (Mandarin) speaking culture and language. This semester course is 1 quarter of Spanish and 1 quarter of Mandarin. 

    Students who do not submit a course selection form will be assigned electives based on space and availability.


    Important Transition Dates and Events

    •      May 7-25: Ms. Encarnacion, 6th grade administrator, and Mr. Malaki, 6th grade counselor, will visit our new students at their elementary schools. They will talk to students a bit about the transition to middle school. They will also review the Course Selection Form. Our visits will include Van Asselt, Kimball, Maple, Dearborn Park Int’l, Hawthorne, and Beacon Hill Int’l. Unfortunately, we are not able to get to all of the schools in which we receive students. 
    •        Thursday, June 7: New student orientation. This is for students new to Mercer. This will be the first opportunity to see Mercer as a new student and family, meet with staff, and meet with other Mercer families new to middle school. This event will begin at 6:00 PM in our cafeteria.
    •      Week of August 13: You will receive a Back to School letter that will outline important dates and events as we get geared up for the 2018-19 school year.   
    •      August 31: New student orientation. A scaled down version of our June 7 event. No need to attend both. This is for students newly assigned to Mercer during our summer months, or students who were not able to attend the June 7 event.
    •        September 5: First day of school. Student schedules will be viewable through the SOURCE on Tuesday, September 4 and available for pick up on the first day of school. We have a 6th grade, first day of school process that helps transitions students to middle school. No need to fear the first day!

    Again, welcome to Asa Mercer International Middle School. We have many exciting programs and learning experiences awaiting. We are looking forward to meeting you and your student.


    Please visit our website, if you need more information. You can also contact our sixth grade team if you have any specific questions about the Course Selection Form or the registration process.



    Go Mustangs!



    Mr. Carter                                                          Ms. Encarnacion                                               Mr. Malaki

    Principal                                                               Grade 6 Assistant Principal                           Grade 6 Counselor

    (206) 252-8000                                                  (206) 252-8013                                                  (206) 252-8012