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    Mercer International Middle School PTSA 6-15-435



    The spirit wear chair is a member of the PTSA board of directors. With approval from the executive committee, the spirit wear chair is appointed by the president. The term of this position is one year, beginning July 1st and ending June 30th of the following year. A commitment of at least two terms is preferred. 


    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Lead efforts in planning the annual spirit wear campaign and in carrying out the activities related to the campaign.
    • With the board of directors, set annual spirit wear goals.
    • Prepare/update the spirit wear order form and copy and deliver to school for first day packets, teacher/staff mailboxes and the front office.
    • Send the spirit wear order form to the secretary for posting on the website.
    • Draft messages advertising the campaign and send to the secretary for disseminating.
    • Working with the treasurer, collect and record orders.
    • Place the order with the spirit wear vendor and coordinate with the treasurer to send payment.
    • Draft messages requesting volunteers to sort spirit wear orders at the school and send to the secretary for disseminating.
    • Coordinate with the front office staff to identify space in the school for sorting orders.
    • Oversee the sorting and distribution of orders.
    • Serve as liaison between students, parents and/or office staff to address order issues and/or payment discrepancies.
    • Purchase and request reimbursement for needed supplies (e.g., large rubber bands) as the budget allows.
    • Report on spirit wear activities and goals at regular meetings or by email to the board.
    • Attend at least four board meetings per year and the annual board retreat, if possible.
    • Pass all pertinent materials on to the spirit wear chair successor.