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    Mercer International Middle School PTSA 6-15-435



    The treasurer is a member of the PTSA board of directors and executive committee and should serve as chair of the budget committee and attend all meetings of such. This is an elected position, nominated and approved by simple majority vote at a general membership meeting in the spring. The term of this position is one year, beginning July 1st and ending June 30th of the following year. A commitment of at least two terms is preferred. The treasurer is the authorized custodian of PTSA funds on behalf of the membership and the board of directors.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Prepare deposits of cash and checks and assure all PTSA funds are promptly deposited into a bank account where PTSA funds are maintained separate from funds of any other organization.

    • Pay all authorized financial obligations of the PTSA, including membership service fees due to the council and the State PTSA.

    • Keep an accurate and detailed account of all funds received and all funds disbursed.

    • Enter all deposit and checks into the PTSA’s on-line financial software.

    • Reconcile monthly financial statements.

    • Prepare and file the appropriate federal tax forms (990 EZ, 990 or 990-N).

    • Prepare and file 1099-MISC forms, if necessary.

    • Renew annual PTSA insurance with AIM.

    • Renew annual PTSA charitable solicitations status with the State of Washington, if applicable.

    • File annual non-profit corporation report with the Secretary of the State.

    • Renew annual City of Seattle business license.

    • Renew Reseller Permit with the State of Washington Department of Revenue, as needed

    • Preserve all receipts, invoices, bank statements, canceled checks, and other financial records as specified in the records retention timetable.

    • Submit a detailed, written monthly financial report at each meeting of the PTSA membership and board of directors a week in advance of the meetings.

    • Submit written reports by mail or email to the board during months when there are no meetings.

    • Develop and present, with support of the board of directors and/or budget committee, the budget for the following year.

    • Submit a final annual report prior to the end of the fiscal year.

    • Ensure new officers designated as signers on the PTSA account have signed the bank signature card and there is a copy in the treasurer’s records.

    • Communicate with the membership chair to ensure accurate accounting of membership payments.

    • Confirm all corporate matching gifts through on-line portals or established mechanism

    • Send all donor recognition correspondence as required by corporate and government grant-makers.

    • Correspond as needed with teachers, fundraising and event coordinators, and other stakeholders.