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    Mercer International Middle School PTSA 6-15-435



    The president is a member of the PTSA board of directors and executive committee. This is an elected position, nominated and approved by simple majority vote at a general membership meeting in the spring. The term of this position is one year, beginning July 1st and ending June 30th of the following year. A commitment of two terms is preferred. 


    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Presides at all meetings and plans the meeting agenda in collaboration with the secretary and input from other board members
    • Becomes familiar with the purposes of PTA, WSPTA Uniform Bylaws, WSPTA Standards of Affiliation Agreement, local PTA or council standing rules and aware of and utilize PTA resources
    • Supports and engages members in the PTSA’s mission and vision and collaborates with PTSA subcommittees
    • Works with board and executive committee to disseminate and communicate PTSA related information and issues to at-large members
    • Promote a positive image of the PTSA within the community and serves as spokesperson for the local unit
    • Makes appointments to positions and committees as designated in the standing rules, with approval of the executive committee
    • Serves as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee
    • In collaboration with the membership chair, ensures that all board members are current PTSA members and that all new officer information is entered in to PT Avenue and updates records as needed throughout the year
    • Participates in the planning and conducting of an orientation for the board of directors
    • Delegates responsibility by empowering others and acknowledging their efforts.
    • Secures dates, time and location for PTSA board/general membership meetings for the school year
    • Provides support, technical assistance and leadership development during the transitional period for the new president
    • Works with the board of directors to establish a plan to ensure that at least one elected officer attends PTA and the Law and the other elected officers attend a minimum of one training
    • Attends or ensures PTSA representation at council and regional meetings
    • Maintains a positive relationship with the principal and staff and encourage PTSA members to do the same.
    • Establishes a process to have the monthly bank statement reviewed, dated, and signed by a board member who is familiar with the operation of the PTSA but who is not a signatory on the account. 
    • Is aware of and communicates to the board all required deadlines for the payment of membership dues, registration for Washington State PTA workshops and conferences, as well as for submission of award applications, the PTA’s annual corporation report, charitable solicitations registration, insurance renewal, and federal tax filings.
    • Performs all duties pertaining to the office as specified in the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws and the Mercer PTSA Standing Rules