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Summer Math

Edgenuity Summer math course

Link to Summer Course:

Question? Contact Mercer Math Lead: Kandi Ellis

Due Date: Friday, August 17th.

Some lessons you will surely pass the pretest if you are careful, and you will then get to skip that lesson. Others you will need to take your time on. Pace yourself. If you complete one or two lessons a day you will finish before the end of Summer. Don’t wait until August to start.

edgenuity login screen shot


  1. On any device connected to the internet, go to:
    • Be aware that students will need an internet connection, a laptop or desktop computer, AND headphones.
  2. You will see a screen asking you to log in. Use your mercer username and password math123! They will continue from their last lesson they were working on.
  3. The first time you log in, you will watch a 5 minute introduction video, then scroll down and click the green “Exit button”.
  4. You have been assigned a course that you must complete by August 17th. Click on the course on the top left, then click “Next Activity” on the bottom right to continue from where you were last working.

Things to keep in mind

Students who do not earn an 80% on a quiz will be prompted to retake. They should go to their homepage and click “Course Map” to find their lesson to re-attempt, or watch the videos again. Just click on the Instruction, Summary, or Assignment green link. Please advise students to be cautious and to take careful notes before taking a quiz (we recommend students have a composition book to take notes in).

  1. Warm up: Get ready for the lesson.
  2. Instruction: What falls between two positive integers on a number line?
  3. Summary: Review and connect what you learned.
  4. Assignment: Practice graphing positive fraction on the number line.
  5. Quiz

Pretests: If you pass a pretest you can skip the lesson.

If you answer all questions correctly, you will receive a 100% for the Pretest and you will automatically skip that whole lesson but still receive credit for it. You will then be prompted to take the next Pretest. If you miss even one question on a pretest you will be placed in the Lesson Warm-up.

Warm Up

A video of a teacher will tell you about the lesson you are about to learn. Take notes as they explain the lesson goals, vocabulary, and lesson question. If there is a vocabulary word you don’t know already, click on the + sign on the top right and click “Glossary” to look up the word and take notes. Click the “Next” arrow at the bottom to move on to each new section.

Instruction and Summary: Videos and Taking Notes

  1. During the Lesson Presentation, you should be actively listening and taking notes as you follow along with the instructions. It is Very Important that you take notes in a notebook during the lesson.
  2. Use the Stop and Play buttons to pause and continue the current video.
  3. To backtrack to the beginning of the video, click the Rewind button.
  4. When the video ends, a use the right arrow at the bottom to advance to the next video in the lesson.
  5. You will be given questions to answer as the lesson builds. If you get an answer right, you will see a green check, or if it is wrong, you will see a red x and you will need to try again. Click “Next Activity” at the bottom right when you are done.

Assignment: Problems to see if you are ready for the quiz

Feedback is big part of the learning process – listen to the feedback in your headphones as you complete the questions to see how to correctly answer the question you missed. If you miss assignment problems you are not ready for the quiz. Go to the homepage, click “Course Map” and click on the Instruction to rewatch the videos.


You will need to score 80% or higher to move on to the next lesson so use your notes for this lesson and scratch paper.

  1.  After working the question, input an answer. Use the numbers at the top of the screen to cycle through the list of questions.
  2. Be sure to enter answers for all questions. Then submit your quiz.
  3. After receiving a score, click on the score to see the questions you answered. If you earned less than 80%, do through the incorrect answers (red x’s) and learn from your mistakes. Take notes. Retake the quiz when you have studied and are ready to earn 80% or higher. Re-watch instruction videos as needed.

Quitting the Lesson

At any time, you can click on the home page button on the top left, then click “Sign Out” on the top right. All of your progress will be saved, even if you were in the middle of a quiz. When you log in the next time, then click “Next Activity”, you will be brought right back to where you left off.

Course Progress

edgenuity course progress

From your homepage, you can see how far you are in the course, and whether you are On Target for course completion by August 17th.

You can also look back on what you have completed, and even see your past work by going to your homepage, and clicking Organizer –> Reports –> Scores and Feedback.