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    February 11-15 Student Led Conferences
    Posted on 01/25/2019

    Student Led Conferences are at home conferences. Students have prepared to present their 1st semester learning to parent(s) /guardian(s) at home. Please complete  the Exit Ticket and return to student’s social studies teacher.

    • 1. Student Led Conferences do not occur at school. Student led conferences occur outside of school or at home between student and parent/guardian. Students will lead the conference following a process they are learning at school. The conference will be a summary of their progress from Semester 1, September- January 30.


    2. Students will bring home their portfolio beginning Monday, February 11. Students will lead the conference and discuss:

      • Academic information for each of his/her classes.
      • Families will have a chance to complete the Exit Ticket with their student and set a semester 2 goal.
      • Families who have further questions will be able to contact teachers, counselor, and administration for further information, as needed.