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    Mercer Library Book Distribution
    Posted on 09/16/2020
    stack of books

    We are excited that this week students began to put online holds for books at Mercer. 

    Distribution will begin Monday, September 21.  

    Weekly Schedule

    • Monday - Friday: 11-1 at Mercer MS
    • Wednesday: 5-7 PM at Mercer MS
    • Wednesday 10-12 - Rainier Community Center (Near Genesee Playfield)
    • Wednesday 1-3 - Van Asselt Community Center

    Students books will be placed on a shelf alphabetically by last name checked out and ready to go.  Practicing good social distancing and wearing a mask, they should enter the hall, find their books on the shelf and then exit the building.  There will also be a book return bin for students to return any classroom or library books they may have from last year.  Books from elementary libraries may also be dropped off at Mercer and we will return to the appropriate elementary.

    Students will know when their book is ready to be picked up by checking on the Source and seeing that the books that they requested have been checked out to them.

    It is important to note that the book pick up hours will be strictly enforced.  We are unable to allow student into the building during any hours except the posted hours and there will be no staff available to get books for you outside of those hours.  If you have trouble getting to any of the pickup locations during the posted times, please let either your students teacher, the librarian Ms. Monroe, or literacy AP Ms. Addanki know.  We will help arrange a system to get books to your student.