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    January 2018 Newsletter
    Posted on 01/11/2018
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    Principal Letter

    Dear Mercer Families,

    We hope you enjoyed your winter break and had a joyous New Year. As we transition back into school it is a great time to re-establish all of the great habits that make our students so successful. Mercer is filled with amazing students and staff, and our school community has a lot to be proud of. At Mercer, we use the acronym POWER to help teach and remind students about habits of success. Students establishing habits of success in middle school is critical for our students’ high school success and their pathway to college or career. Our goal is for our students to be POWERful. Please take a few minutes to review these habits of success with your student.


    P: Plan & Prepare with Purpose

    Students thinking about what is next in their day, or what their goals are helps them to be planned and prepared!

    O: Ownership

    Students knowing what they are responsible for and believing what they do makes a difference in their school community shows ownership!

    W: Will Power

    Students practicing determination, patience, and self-control are important characteristics of success!

    E: Emotion Management

    We know that emotions come and go. Recognizing and managing strong emotions is a sign of maturity and is a habit of success!

    R: Reflection

    Celebrating successes and learning from mistakes leads to an improved future!


    A few reminders:

    • There is no school on Monday, January 15 as we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.

    • First semester ends on January 30. We have a day between semesters with no school on January 31. Semester 2 begins February 1.

    • The week of February 12-16, students will be leading a conference with you regarding their progress during first semester. There is more information on page 2 of this newsletter regarding semester 1 Student Led Conferences.

    In closing, we look forward to celebrating the end of our first semester with our semester 1 ABC/Tardy Dance & Activity Day on Thursday, February 15th. Students must be earning Cs or higher and be in good standing with attendance and behavior in order to attend.

    Go Mustangs! 


    Mr. Carter


    News & Info


    Student Led Conferences: Feb. 12-16

    Part of preparing students for success in high school and beyond is making sure our students demonstrate understanding and ownership of their learning. In February, our students will be spending time reflecting on their semester 1 progress and sharing their successes and areas for growth during our student led conference week.

    Top 5 pieces of information to know about our upcoming conferences:

    1. Conferences are student led. This means conferences will be held with, families, at home following a process we are preparing and teaching our students.

    2. We are using the Schoology technology platform to share academic and behavior information with you. Students are currently using Schoology to prepare their academic portfolio for semester

    3. Conferences will count as part of your student’s grade for Social Studies class. The conference process connects to many important learning standards expected of middle school students as they progress toward college and career readiness. For example, students will be: developing questions and planning inquiries, evaluating sources and using evidence, and communicating conclusions and taking informed action.

    4. Families are expected to complete and return an Exit Ticket to his/her Social Studies teacher at the conclusion of your student led conference.

    5. There is no school on Friday, February 16 so that our staff can meet with invited families and students.

    What can parents & guardians be doing now in preparation for student conferences?

    • Check the Source frequently to monitor academic and attendance information.
    • Talk with your student about their progress, using the A, B, C indicators of middle school success (see below).
    • Review the conference Exit Ticket and other information that will be on our website and sent home about student led conferences.
    • Check out what is expected learning for students in your student's grade level across subject areas at the State of Washington OSPI Learning & Teaching website.

    A, B, C indicators of success used at Mercer, used during Student Led Conference:

    • Key Indicator #1: Attendance
      • Have students missed 5 days or less during semester 1? If the answer is yes, GREAT. If students have missed 5 days or more during semester 1 then this is an area for improvement.
    • Key Indicator #2: Behavior
      • Does my student have any behavior referrals that have led to loss of instructional time? If the answer is no or perhaps just once then GREAT. If the answer is more than one, then this is an area for improvement.
    • Key Indicator #3: Coursework
      • Does my student have grades of C or higher? Do my student’s test scores reflect 80% or higher? If the answer is yes, GREAT. If no, is your student re-taking tests and/or quizzes to demonstrate meeting standard? Are there missing assignments?

    PTSA Meeting Wednesday, January 10, 6:30 pm

    We have PTSA meetings every 2nd Wednesday of the month, unless posted otherwise. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, and ideas, you can contact us at or visit the Mercer PTSA website.

    We hope to see you there!

    Important Reminders

    Reminder: Electronic/Cell Phone Expectations

    We understand how important it is to have access to your student. As parents and caring adults the safety of our children is of the upmost importance. However, middle school age students frequently struggle with the appropriate use of cell phones. As we return from Winter Break, please remind your student of cell phone expectations. We SHOULD NOT see cell phones out during school hours, 8:15-3:15. If students need to use a phone they are able to use the phone in the main office at lunch and after school.

    Mercer policy for electronics and cell phone use, see page 12 of student planners:

    Electronic devices must be off and out of sight from the moment you walk onto campus until 3:15. This includes lunch time and passing periods, playground, etc. Out of sight means we should never see or hear phones, ear phones, cameras, music players, and video games.

    Thank you for your support!

    Morning Procedure Reminder

    Our campus officially opens at 8:15am. This is the time when we have staff on duty for the supervision of students. Hallways and lockers are closed until our 8:25 am dismissal from the cafeteria.


    Important Dates


    10: PTSA Meeting (6:30 pm)
    15: No School (Dr. M. L. King Holiday)
    25: Winter Concert (7:00 pm, auditorium)
    30: Expert Expo (6:00 pm, auditorium)
    31: No School (day between semesters)


    1: First day of Semester 2
    14: PTSA Meeting (6:30 pm)
    12-16 Student Led Conferences
    15: Semester 1 ABC & Tardy Dance & Activity
    16: No School (Conference Waiver Day)
    19-23: No School (Mid-Winter Break)