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    Incoming 6th Grade Registration Form
    Posted on 05/08/2019

    Asa Mercer International Middle School 2019-20 Incoming 6th Grade Registration Form

    Name: __________________________ Current School: ________________ Future School: MERCER!

    **Return this form to Mercer by Wednesday, May 29**
    Return to the main office at your elementary school OR send to:

    Asa Mercer International Middle School
    1600 S. Columbian Way
    Seattle, WA 98108
    Attn: Rosa Nouch, Registrar

    Parent/Guardian Name: _____________________________  Phone:_____________________

    Scheduling depends upon the numbers of students and availability of staff. Factors sometimes change during the Summer. The final classes may not be exactly as presented.

    All 6th Graders Take 5 Full-Year Core Classes, By Period:

    1. Reading & Writing (block)
    2. Reading & Writing (block)
    3. Science
    4. Math
    5. Social Studies

    Students have two other periods consisting of a year-long music and/or other semester courses. One of the semester courses not shown below is required PE.

    1. Elective #1 (Year-long) or Elective #2 (2 semesters) (students may be required to take math or reading enrichment)

    Year-long Elective Options: (If interested in music, choose 1 year-long music course by rank ordering your preference: # 1 and #2. If not interested in music please go Semester Elective Options.)

    Band 6 (year-long course) OR Orchestra (year-long course)

    Students with or without prior experience are welcome to join. Our school has instruments to loan to students. Every student can play an instrument at Mercer! It is not necessary to list the instrument if you are unsure about which instrument you’d like to play at this time.

    I would like to play this instrument at Mercer: _________________________________________

    Semester Elective Options: All students are required to take one semester of Physical Education. In addition to PE students have one other semester class elective. If you did not select music above, students will take 3 of the 4 classes listed below. If you selected music above, students will take 1 of the semester electives below.

    Please rank-order the semester options below based on your preference: #1, #2, #3, #4.

    Art Exploration (1 semester): No previous art experience is needed for this class

    Global Leadership (1 semester): Students will learn about global themes and issues such as the role migration, governance, and human rights that have shaped our world. Additionally, students will become familiar with global issues related to the environment and ways our young people can make an impact.

    STEM: (1 semester) Focus on principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, specifically design, engineering, and robotics.

    Technology (1 semester): Students will explore computer technology ranging from keyboarding to working with the suite of Microsoft applications, internet, and basic web design.

    World Language & Culture Exploration (1 semester): Introductory courses that prepare students for first year of world language offered in seventh grade in the languages of Spanish and Mandarin.

    1. PE/Elective #3 (1 semester of PE/1 semester of preference course)