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    April 2018 Newsletter
    Posted on 04/20/2018

    Whom to Contact

    Inside this issue:
     Principal Letter • News & Info •  Important Reminders • Important Dates

    Principal Letter

    Dear Mercer Families,


    As April approaches there are a number of items to look forward to:

    • Friday, April 6 is the end of our 3rd quarter.
    • Spring break is next week, April 9-13. Returning April 16.
    • Our annual state testing process begins the week of April 23 and runs through May. More information about our Smarter Balance Assessment, including testing dates, can be found on page 4 of this newsletter.


    For our semester 1 grading, our students’ academic achievement was very strong. A total of 957 out of 1,138 students earned a  2.5 GPA or higher. This is 84% of all Mercer students!  Students earning a 2.0 GPA or higher was 94% of all Mercer students! Along with attendance and behavior, coursework is a great indicator of success as students look forward to high school and beyond. Keep up the great work!


    On Friday, March 23 our 7th grade students participated in a Career Day. We had over 20 professionals from a range of career fields including Nintendo, Boeing, Woodland Park Zoo, and Seattle Fire Department. Our students asked great questions and took away important information about possible future career opportunities!


    Lastly, as spring gets underway, we begin to see a bit more inappropriate behavior. The most frequent misbehaviors include cell phone use, horseplay, and inappropriate dress. Our guidelines for success can be found on the first 15 pages of your student’s planner. Please take 10-15 minutes as a family to review these. You can also look at page 3 of this newsletter about horseplay and cell phones.


    Go Mustangs!


    Mr. Carter



    News & Info

    Family Fitness Night

    family fitness graphicThe Mercer PE team is very excited to invite you to join us for Family Fitness Night on April 5th from 5:30 to 7pm.  Join us for fun games and activities that will be inclusive for the whole family!


    This free event will be held in the Mercer Gymnasium. Students and families will receive a passport that can be used to explore various sports and activities. Families and students are encouraged to participate. Win great prizes and test your luck in the raffle by visiting all the tables/stations and completing your passports.


    Stations you can look forward too are: Golf, Indoor Rowing, Speed Cup Stacking, Rugby, Badminton, Basketball, Fitness Testing, Ultimate Frisbee and more. If you have any questions please email


    We encourage you to wear light athletic attire and comfortable shoes!


    Yearbook on sale

    The yearbook Is a hardcover, 64-page record of the 2017-18 school year created by our 8th grade yearbook staff.  

    Yearbook order forms are available in the main office. 

    We sold out of yearbooks last year so get your order in early! 

    Cost is $20, exact change only


    Important Reminders

    PTSA Meeting Wednesday, April 18, 6:30 pm

    We have PTSA meetings every 2nd Wednesday of the month, unless posted otherwise. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, and ideas, you can contact us at or visit the Mercer PTSA website.

    We hope to see you there!

    Spring Reminders

    We have wonderful students who work hard and who are respectful and kind!  Yet, as spring draws near this is a time of the year when we begin to see an increase in misbehaviors. The most common misbehaviors we have seen this past two weeks, include:


    Cell phones are expected to be powered down and stored away from the time students arrive to school until our 3:45 pm dismissal. This past week we’ve had to speak to students about:

    • Taking and posting pictures during class time.  This results in conflicts between students who do not want their pictures taken, and takes away from learning.
    • Students listening to music during instruction.
    • Social media use during instruction. Mostly the use of Snapchat.
      Students disrupting instruction to respond to social media instead of focusing on math.
    • Please take a look at your student’s device and see when he/she is using their phones. Most of our students manage this well. However, too many of our students are not managing this use well.
    • Lastly, we are seeing an increase in student conflict as a direct result of social media use that occurs outside of school and on the weekends and week nights that students bring back to school.



    Students are expected to keep hands and feet to self. This past week, we had:
    • Students hitting one another on the back of the neck with one friend getting upset at another.
    • Student giving a friend a piggy back ride in the hallway, slipping and falling, and injuring a foot. 

    Please take a moment to review behavior expectations found on the first 15 pages of your student’s planner.

    A safe and positive learning environment will always be a Mercer priority!


    State Assessment Testing Window April 24-25

    Strong keyboarding and typing skills are important lifelong skills.

    We have a goal that by the end of 8th grade Mercer students are able to type 30 Words Per Minute with 95% accuracy. Reaching this proficiency goal takes on-going practice for students. In support of our goal, Seattle Public Schools provides a FREE keyboarding program called Typing Agent. This on-line program supports student learning of important keyboarding skills. 

     How to log on from home:


    State Testing Schedule:

    More information will be sent home prior to our testing window. Students follow their regular schedule on non-testing days.







    April 24 & 26

    May 14 & 15

    May 22


    May 1 & 4

    May 17 & 18



    May 8 & 10

    May 24 & 25





    Important Dates


    6: End of 3rd Quarter
    9-14: Spring Break - No School
    18: PTSA Meeting (6:30 pm)