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    Mercer Facilities Improvements Updates

    While the Mercer community is diverse, active and doing great things to advance learning at the school, some major improvements are needed on the buildings and infrastructure. About 13.5 million is listed in a backlog of capital improvements for Mercer in the August 2014 Building Condition Assessment by Meng Analysis commissioned by Seattle Public Schools (SPS).

    Over the past five years the population of Mercer has almost doubled, and the school is currently over capacity by about 200 students. Short- and long-term plans are needed for addressing over-enrollment at Mercer.

    Recently – and in part due to the activity of the Facilities Improvement Committee – SPS announced it is installing portables at Mercer this summer. Portables do not address the condition of existing facilities, but they do address the immediate capacity issues. Fire hydrants will also be installed to allow for the new portables.

    The Facility Improvements Committee needs your help to advocate for Mercer in the coming months!

    We communicate regularly with SPS facilities staff and are requesting updates about levy timelines so we can coordinate our efforts. Please check back for updates on SPS meetings to attend and other ways to provide input.

    Led by chair Tom Jackson, the committee is also comprised of Steve Lamola, Jason Rich, Leslie Stewart and Rumi Takahashi. If you'd like to find out about the next meeting or more about the issues, please contact Or visit our minutes page to read the committee notes.

    Please see below for more about information about SPS levies and specific needs at Mercer.

    Thank you for your support!

    Seattle Public Schools Levy Opportunities

    The SPS long-range capital levy plan includes two levies, Building Excellence (BEX) and Buildings, Technology and Academics (BTA). The levy schedule puts either a BEX or BTA levy before voters every three years on an alternating schedule.

    BEX is for replacing, modernizing or making major renovations to district buildings, infrastructure and technology. The last BEX levy was approved in 2013. BTA is for small renovations, major maintenance, and improvement projects and was last approved in 2010. The next levy is the BTA scheduled for 2016. The committee is currently focusing efforts on the 2016 BTA levy.

    Mercer Capital Improvements Outline

    The Meng Analysis assessment outlines major updates needed to the school within the next four years including:

    • Gym building - $5.8 million
    • Infrastructure - $1.3 million
    • Main building - $6.4 million

    More than half of all of the improvements needed – $7.2 million – are for the HVAC system. Mercer is in the top 11 of 107 schools needing repairs, according to the assessment.